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Resources for Builders

Info Slide Show Series, P. Stouter, 2020; 1.2- 1.6 MB pdfs
  • B1 What is Earthbag

  • B2 Earthbag Basics

  • B3 Build Good Earthbag Walls

  • B4 Build Better Earthbag Walls

  • B5 Build Resilient CE Earthbag for Quakes     coming soon

How-tos, small pdfs
  • B30 Estimate Soil Strength with 3 cm Balls; 2021

  • B50 Lime Plaster; 2019

Building Resilient Earthbag for Seismic Risk, P. Stouter; 30- 60 pages, pdfs
  • B101 Build Low-Cement Resilient CE; 4/2021      1.9 MB

  • B102 Build Standard Grade Resilient CE; 4/2021     1.8 MB

  • B103 Build High Strength Resilient CE; 4/2021     1.9 MB

  • B104 Extra Strength Details for Resilient CE; 5/2021     1.9 MB

Resources for Designers

Information about Sites
  • D1 Site Evaluation

  • D21 Sketch Maps for Seismic Risk

  • D31 Field Tests for Strength of Building Soil

Information about Cultural Issues
  • D41 Cultural Issues (sizing rooms)

  • D61 Haiti

  • D62 Nepal

Strong Plans for Seismic Risk
  • D91 Design Resilient CE Earthbag Buildings for Seismic Risk     coming soon

Introductions to Reinforcement Systems, P. Stouter; 15- 25 pages, pdf
  • D101 New Low-cement Reinforcement System      coming soon

  • D102 New Reinforcement Protects Resilient CE Earthbag Buildings against Stronger Earthquakes, 5/2021 1.4 MB

  • D110 CE and Light Walls for Haiti CE Earthbag and Light Upper Walls for Haiti's Seismic Risk, August 18, 2021 600 kB, 10 pages

Technical Resources

  • T1 Information about Field Soil Tests

  • T11 Earthbag Research Bibliography

Structural Research about Contained Earth Earthbag