Even inexpensive buildings can be built with pride, using
local materials, local skills, hand tools and local labor.
Our free information can help you build strong enough for local hazards.



Global Earthquake Risk for Earthen Buildings    Seismic-Risk-Earth-Buildings

Appropriate Technology

Site Soils: Evaluating Soils for Warm Climate Sites     Evaluat-Soils-Warm-Climate


Shaping Buildings for Warm Humid Climates      Shaping-Bldgs-for-Humid-Tropics
Haitian Wisdom for Building Aid      Haitian Wisdom (2.7 MB pdf).
Building Kreyol Homes draft portion- includes Haitian site planning                                                                                                     Bldg-Kreyol-Homes-Communities   (3.7 MB pdf).

Rebuilding Nepal Sustainably: Culture, Climate, Quakes  Rebuild-Nepal (5.2 MB pdf)
Choose Useful Room Sizes     Useful-Room-Sizes

Plaster How-tos

Lime Plaster        Lime-Plaster
Shaped Murals     Shaped-Murals

Light Clay Information

Building with Natural Fiber Mesh Tube     Bldg-Natl-Fiber-Tube

Recycled Materials

Building with Ubuntu-blox                 1-Ubuntu-Blox-sm       2- Make-Ubuntu-sm      3 Bldg-Ubuntu-sm
About Mesh Tube Walls and Roofs     About-Tube

Earthen Wall How-tos

Soil Testing for Builders    How-Strong-Is-My-Soil

Soil Testing for Designers    Soil Test Research 2017

Contained Earth How-To Series 2016
Earthbag Info Series 2012

Structural Information

Coming soon: BSI analysis and tests related to Santa Clara U unplastered earthbag research. Find the original student reports here:

Inserted rebar shear test report by SCU students Rodriguez, Stein, Darby

Concrete spliced inserted rebar shear test report by SCU students Strong, Huebner, Jensen

Contained Earth Shear Strength May 2017        Estimated-Shear Strengths-CE
Earthbag White Paper: Earth Walls Defying Earthquakes
Structural Information for Earthbag and CE 2016    InfoEB-sml (1.4 MB pdf)
Stronger Earthbag Corners: Test Results May 2016    EB-Corners


Coming soon

Francaise Maniere de Faire:

Choisir des Pieces Utiles
Cinq Tests Simples de la Terre (pour sacs de terre)
Blocs d’Ubuntu des ordures plastiques:
Que Sont les Blocs d’Ubuntu? gr (1,7 Mb) pt (300 kb)
Faites les Blocs d’Ubuntu gr (3,0 Mb) pt (500 kb)
Batissez avec les Blocs d’Ubuntu gr (2,2 Mb) pt (500 kb)

Sacs de terre

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