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connected steel fights quakes

Match resilient CE details to the risk level

You can build it with the best technology. Use the best plans.
The right details can ensure needed buildings will not warp and crack windows or doors in a strong earthquake.
Choose footings, corners, wall openings, and wall tops that all match your level of seismic risk.


Insert rebar with forks
  • Conventional low-cement gravel bag foundation walls with special wire details 
  • Concrete splices at corners connect upper to lower inserted rebar and forks increase stability
  • Maximize performance of mid-wall inserted rebar with spaced lap bars 

Download CE Details for Low Risk 

Standard Grade:

Connect corner rebar to spot RC footings
  • Combine gravel bag with reinforced concrete pads under corners
  • Use splices and punched bags or continuous cut-bag tube details at corners
  • Pull wire taut around embedded rebar, or tie or tack at corners 

Download CE Details for Moderate Risk

High Strength:

Connect vertical rebar to a confining RC strip
  • Use half-width gravel bag confined by a reinforced concrete strip
  • Anchor all vertical rebar stiffly to the footing
  • Add diagonal stiffening rebar between openings OR
  • Connect strong steel door and window openings to the reinforcement

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Proven performance boosters

Top Six Super-charged Details

Engineering students, engineers, and our advisors have been trying out new details for almost a decade. These new techniques passed important tests. 

Make sure your building plans are resilient.

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