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Maximize strength and ductility 

Enough strength

without too much concrete

Earthen walls can be reliable even if strengths are lower than concrete walls.
  • Structural guidelines exist for brittle unreinforced earthen walls to 0.6 g pga risk.
  • Reinforced, adobe, rammed earth, CEB: good strength, some ductility, wide RC footing.
  • Reinforced ICEB, cob: good strength, moderate ductility, narrower walls and RC footing.
  • Conventional earthbag: low strength, moderate ductility, gravel bag footing:¬† stable but more deformable than unreinforced adobe.
  • Improved resilient contained earth (CE) earthbag: moderate strength, high ductility: interconnected embedded reinforcement with medium to strong soil increase strength and decrease deformability. Meshed, attached plaster is integral to strength.

Under construction July 2021

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