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Cheap Sustainable Buildings

Earthbag Walls

Earthbag Info Slideshows: 1, 2, 3, 4

Different Earthen Walls

need different materials, climate, equipment and skills- coming soon

Structural Block Walls 

Adobe, CEB (compressed earth block), ICEB (interlocking CEB):
Brittle unless interlocking and often built on reinforced concrete (RC) footings. 

Structural Stone Walls

Through-stones or reinforcement important. Usually built on RC footings.

Structural Monolithic Walls

Rammed earth, Cob, Puddled adobe:
Brittle except cob, usually reinforced and built on RC footings.

Basics to Build with Earth

Ask local officials what building code applies. Earth building codes for adobe and other techniques exist in some states and are under development for the IBC in general. Code for New Zealand includes structural information.

Types of Soil for Earthen Walls

Check soil type by touch
Comparing soil for adobe, cob, rammed earth, CEB, earthbag

How Strong is My Soil?

Quick strength estimates for building soil using simple tools

Check Your Seismic Risk

BSI estimate maps
Learn more about risk metrics or go directly to web info for the US, Europe, Australia

Resilient CE Earthbag Construction How-To

Basic Details

Low-cement CE for low seismic risk areas (<0.6 g at 10% pe)

Moderate Strength Details

Standard CE with interconnected corners on spot footings (>0.6 g)

High Strength Details

Continuous footings and fully connected steel- coming soon

Designing Safe Earthen Buildings

Basics of Stable Building Plans

Compact, symmetrical, small openings- coming soon

Enough Bracing Walls? 

New Zealand's non-engineered code checks plans for moderate or high risk for some materials (pp. 44- 54, 110- 122).

High Strength Plans

Get engineering help or email for information