Our Mission:
to make safe buildings
buildings that increase self-respect and self-reliance
housing that is healthier and more affordable for all

We serve by consulting, training,  testing and assisting with structural testing. 

"Good building" that aids others should be built well, or it will harm them in the long run. Use:

Local materials

Local skills & tools

Local labor

But build sustainable buildings strong enough for local hazards!

White Paper Introducing Earthbag

Earth Walls Defying Earthquakes summarizes what contained earth is, what it isn't and the structural data we now have. Best intro for leaders about the potential for quake-resilient sustainable walls that don't cost much.

Finally! Structural Information for Earthbag 2016 is online!

Check out university research and recent BSI test results that can help you build safer for high risk areas.

Get involved and let BSI advise your student researchers to fill in some of the gaps in our knowledge. let's build geo-textile earthen buildings that wup the next quake.

New Soil Testing Series

Innovative techniques to evaluate soil strength with very simple equipment (buckets and a plank). See our new series explaining soil strength and qualities for builders and for designers like engineers and architects unfamiliar with earthen walls.
Check out the images and files available today on our new soil test page.

New Reinforcement Technique Series

Tests are showing that new contained earth reinforcement and construction techniques pay off in safer buildings. Solid walls (damp soil in mesh tubing) have higher strengths. Barbed wire tied out corners and up to the next course won't gap apart at corners. Barbed wire on exterior corner rebar offers superior resistance to horizontal force. 

Best of all, builders of any type of masonry wall can use vibration-reducing gravel base walls. This file teaches how to build this type of protective building base.

Even stable curving walls in high seismic risk regions can benefit from added steel. Remember, Cal-Earth's domes were evaluated for their 1.5 g seismic risk location. Round walls with ordinary roofing don't have the same stability. And many parts of the world have seismic risk up to and above 2 g.

Earthbag Survives Nepal's 2015 Quakes:

Owen trained more than 300 builders in Nepal last fall after more than 50 earthbag buildings survived the quakes. Dozens of builders are still learning every week, and Owen has returned for another series of courses.

BSI is still working with trainers, ngos, and engineers to find out the safest and strongest ways to rebuild for Nepal.

Fall 2015 BSI test builds in NM

supply unique answers needed by Nepal.
More results coming soon.
Help us this spring with 3 hours, a full day, or a weekend!

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Donations help pay for materials and laborers.
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