Volunteers are BSI's heroes!

Thank you so much for thinking about helping. We need lots of different skills! Improve your resume and portfolio while you help the poor!

What do interns with BSI do? 
Make the World Safer: a 9 slide introduction

Secretaries and bookkeepers are needed to schedule, answer emails, and prepare financial reports.            

Office assistant intern description                          

If you want to blog, photograph, video, write, fundraise, or revamp our website, we need you! You can work here or from home anytime.

PR/ web intern description

Architecture and engineering undergraduate students can get some real-world experience and make a difference for the poor if they are willing to do drafting, 3-D modeling in Sketchup, or BIM models in Revit.

Architectural drafter/ modeler intern description

Anyone can learn by being a volunteer builder. Have fun joining a workday to build earthbag, straw wattle or to plaster. Special projects are planned occasionally that will benefit from the visit of a group for a single day.  High school or community service groups can ask us about group build projects.

Our test builds happen in Albuquerque, New Mexico, at a site about a mile north of the University of New Mexico. 

email: simple_earthATyahoo.com to volunteer for a build.

University partners needed:

Engineering and architecture students can improve the understanding of new materials so crucial for safe building practices in the developing world. Let BSI train you to copy real techniques and understand the challenges faced by builders with limited funds and information.

Patti Stouter also offers free skype or in person lectures about new materials in aid building for university courses or enrichment seminars for engineers or architects.


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