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Maps of Earthquake Risk for Earthen Buildings

Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa

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Soil Tests

See Soil Tests page with links to publications

Plaster and finishes

Lime Plaster
Shaped Murals

Contained Earth How-To Series 2016


Earthbag Info Series 2012
Building with Earthbags
Earthbag Options for Nepal (Reinforcement for Seismic Risk)

Straw Clay Materials

About Mesh Tube Walls and Roofs

Building with Natural Fiber Mesh Tube

Recycled Materials

Building with Ubuntu-blox
About Mesh Tube Walls and Roofs

Alternative Materials Testing

Contained Earth Shear Strength May 2017

Earthbag White Paper: Earth Walls Defying Earthquakes 

Structural Information for Earthbag and Contained Earth 2016

                                      2.3 MB pdf       1.4 MB pdf

Stronger Earthbag Corners: Test Results May 2016

BSI's Draft Earthbag Testing Project Timeline 2014

Geo-Textile Earthen Walls: Test Data 2014

Geo-Textile Building Materials Need Testing

Mesh Tube Testing

Culture and Building Styles

Haitian Wisdom for Building Aid

Building Kreyol Homes portion of draft revision- includes more about Haitian site planning

Rebuilding Nepal Sustainably: Culture, Climate and Quakes

Contests and Awards

Patti's first place $300 House entry

BSI and HCDP's 2014 Energy Globe Award for Haiti

Building Plans
Choose Room Sizes
Mesh Tube Dormitory at Bois Marchand

Other Appropriate Technology

Evaluating Soils for Warm Climate Sites

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BSI Corporate Reports

2010-2012 Overview
2012 Financial Report
2013 Financial Report

Climate and Building Plans

Planning Buildings in Warm Humid Climates       1 MB pdf

Examples of Climate Information          270 kb pdf

12 Month Climate Chart- excel file        black and white version

Francaise Maniere de Faire:
Choisir des Pieces Utiles
Cinq Tests Simples de la Terre (pour sacs de terre)
Blocs d'Ubuntu des ordures plastiques:
     Que Sont les Blocs d'Ubuntu?     gr (1,7 Mb)   pt (300 kb)
     Faites les Blocs d'Ubuntu           gr (3,0 Mb)    pt (500 kb)
     Batissez avec les Blocs d'Ubuntu  gr (2,2 Mb) pt (500 kb)

Sacs de terre

Paille en tubes- très bientôtOrdures en tubes- très bientôt

Español que vienen pronto


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