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Volunteer helpers  multiply our cash resources.  Bookkeepers, engineers, office assistants and more are welcome. See the volunteer page for more information.

Our overseas partners are glad for the new information we have developed, and are asking many more questions that take testing to answer!

Engineers please see our testing needs information! 

Above: HCDP well in a development planned by BSI
Above right: roof raising in 2011 by EMI on an earthbag medical clinic
Build Simple is also grateful for materials and tools donated by manufacturers and local businesses and individuals.

Current Equipment Needs:

Gym weights

Soil testing equipment like a pocket penetrometer

Laboratory type spring scales

My dime can give Nepal answers!

$ 10 USD

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BSI relies on your help to buy materials, validate our tests with component lab tests, assist overseas interns, and work with local engineers. See our 2013 Financial Report to check on how we faithfully use donations.

Build Simple Inc. is a 501c3 federally recognized non-profit.
Tax-deductible donations can be made out to:
Build Simple Inc.
2909 Rio Vista Court SW
Albuquerque, NM 87105

Thank you for joining with us to help people building their way out of poverty


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