Build Simple information has been the result of many hands. Thanks to so many volunteers who have poured time into helping us improve natural building:

building experts Owen Geiger, Kelly Hart, Kateryna Zemskova, and Christian Ernstsen

engineering students Chris Croft, Awais Malik, Floriaan Nijs, Tania Trigo Salas, Pieter Schiettecatte, Nikul Vadgama

architecture students Chiara Negrisoli, Halle DelMargo

engineers Wes Cook, Vicky May, Gabriel Miller, Hugh Morris, Tonya Nillson, Brandon Ross, Nabil Taha

and architects Martin Hammer, Martijn Schildkamp, Francisco Uvina

Many engineers have also generously dsicussed issues, shared information, encouraged and given advice: Marcial Blondet, Steven Canadell, Bill Druc, Sherif Elfass, James Huff, Bilge Isik, Dov Leschinsky, Bryce Mallory, Fernando Moreau, Fernando Pacheco, Mark Stone, Mahmoud Taha, Fred Webster