Our Mission: to make safe building simple-      
building that increases self-respect and self-reliance
housing that is healthier and more affordable for all

 What do we do?

We provide illustrated information to help  owner-builders and designers and architects understand their choices. These include:

E-books and slide shows that teach building
Plans of standard buildings free online
Training videos

We answer emails and have Skype conversations to advise about building for climate, choosing materials, and reinforcing for the level of risk. We also can make site visits to give soil and site advice, and create custom building plans.

Because some of the most promising earthen materials for seismic risk areas have not yet been tested, we also focus on doing simple structural tests and working with university students willing to do needed laboratory tests.

Build Simple Inc. serves the needy of all faiths freely for the sake of the one known as Jesus (or Isa or Yeshua). We are an ecumenical Christian charity.

Financial Reports

Additional information:

 Strategies to Serve: BSI's 2012- 13 Plan (7p. pdf)

 Board of Directors and Staff

What We Believe

What is success?

raise understanding
increase hope
encourage pride in a way of living
enable first examples of safe building
empower those with few resources
make safe shelter a reality for a few more people

Owners building houses may need to see an example of a new technique. Small community buildings can provide training for workers to learn appropriate techniques. So we assist with NPO institutional buildings as well as housing.
We encourage those who plan and design aid projects to involve their clients in planning. Aid workers must learn the functions and meanings of buildings and yards in the culture.

A simple lifestyle is not a poor one. Cultural and interpersonal richness often flourish in settings that are materially restricted.

When did we start?

Patti Stouter began helping to plan aid buildings of earthbag early in 2010.

After the Haitian earthquakes Owen Geiger of the natural building blog asked her to help advise workers seeking inexpensive ways to rebuild. Owen's wide knowledge of alternative building and his internet connections put him in touch with many individuals and small aid organizations asking for assistance to understand and try inexpensive building materials.

Patti had already worked for several years as a designer with a large aid organization.  Patti noticed that information relating the local culture to buildings was almost non-existent for Haiti, and posted a 30 page study which is still the only of its kind.

Since July of 2012 Build Simple Inc. has focused on providing plans, advice, and training. We also continually improve the information available to aid organizations and self-help groups.


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